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Medical care for women in Europe (Gynecology)

Currently information about Bulgaria and Poland, we are also preparing news about other countries, follow the page.


Registration of insurance medical care (health insurance):

To attach to a personal doctor you need to get a "Certificate" with a number in the NRA (National Revenue Agency). With the certificate we go to the clinic for an appointment with the personal doctor of your choice.

To obtain a Certificate, you must have a passport and tempo

rary protection.

In Bulgaria, there is a very common program to support women's health and women's professional examinations. In particular, it is the National Organization of Patients (NUP) together with the National Association for Cervical Cancer Prevention and Synevo Medical Laboratories.

Bulgaria has launched an information campaign on the prevention and diagnosis of cervical cancer under the motto "Reduce risk. Protect yourself. Live! ”: Https://

The program included several webinars from the end of the 21st year with leading gynecologists. Some private laboratories now continue to provide free early-stage diagnostic testing.

List of tests and centers where they can take material and perform the analysis FREE OF CHARGE:

Letter from doctors in the Burgas region:

Online medical care:


Citizens of Ukraine have the right to free medical care in Poland if:

- has Ukrainian citizenship;

- if you present a document confirming the border crossing, not earlier than February 24.

As part of medical care, you have access to: a physician, a specialist, a dentist, to undergo diagnostic tests, inpatient treatment and rehabilitation.


800 190 590 (information on medical care and nearby hospitals)

800 137 200 (information on a doctor's appointment and referral to a specialist).

After your application, you will be referred to a doctor at your request!

Only for our followers, Medica2000 clinic gives the opportunity to pass a gynecological examination at a discount of 25%. Write to them, they will additionally send information by mail with suggestions:

Free laboratory tests for Ukrainian citizens who left the country due to the war:

Synevo Poland provides the opportunity to take tests in two packages: for children and adults.

No matter what country you are in, you have the opportunity to contact a pediatrician, with whom the Kesher team has been working with pleasure for years - to Surkova Elena, a pediatrician from JMC:

And be healthy!


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