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Kesher in Hebrew is a connection. For us, as a team of activists of the Kesher Ukraine Project, it is very important that Ukrainian women feel supported, safe and united not only at home, but also in European countries.

We have been supporting and helping Ukrainian women since the first crisis day of the war in Ukraine, and now we are expanding our areas of usefulness for the comfort of everyone.

With this platform, you can get real help in legal issues of human rights and security, build lost touch with your community, get better health care options and pay due attention to your child's education.
We work with the best coordinators in each country to get the help you really need right now.

Our values remain unchanged both in the country of origin and abroad - Judaism, feminism, pluralism. We are ready to communicate in this circle of true values.

By the time this platform was created, 11 million people had already become IDPs and 5 million had left for Europe. We know that we will see everyone at home after the Victory, and today we want to make the routine needs of every woman from Ukraine a little easier.

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