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Hospitals where you can get free medical care

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  1. Evex , address in Batumi - Selima Khimshiashvili, 20

  2. Medina , address in Batumi - Fridona Halvashi, 237

  3. Khozervanidze Clinic, address in Batumi -  Brckinvale, 81

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  1. GPI - can be issued  insurance policy online.

  2. Ardi  - You can get an insurance policy online. To activate insurance, fill out the form:

  3. TBC provides free insurance to Ukrainians for 1 month. The insurance includes: assistance with COVID-19, ambulance, emergency: outpatient, medical, dental care. Detailed information and application form - on the website .

Citizens of Ukraine can get an insurance policy free of charge:

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